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Looking to purchase a home or investment property in Geebung? As your local Geebung Buyers Agent, we have compiled everything you need to know into this Guide. It contains useful information regarding what is important when choosing your next property.





Geebung is located approximately 12km from the Brisbane CBD to the North. The area is vibrant and family-friendly. Geebung is located centrally to take advantage of shopping precincts, parks and transport options. The neighbourhood is hilly & elevated with a few street achieving city or Bay views.

The suburb takes its name from its railway station, which in turn was named after the fruit of the plant Persoonia media, known as “jibung” in the Dharuk language. The suburb was the location for a significant fossil discovery in 2013. The fossils were the remains of a rare 50-million-year-old crocodile like species and several other animals.

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Geebung has two train stations that easily service the entire suburb, towards Virginia you have the Sunshine Station and towards Zillmere is the location of the Geebung station. This gives residence who live in the area traffic free transportation to the CBD. In the future this will become even more important as population growth comes into play and roads become more congested.

The future metro line will service Chermside which may be convenient for residence living on the west side of Geebung. please see below Metro Network.

Buses service the suburb as well but you will find Geebung is mostly a car dependent area that doesn’t experience much traffic so getting around the suburb and to surrounding suburbs is relatively easy. To view the current public transport options visit the Translink site HERE.

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Geebung falls into two primary school catchments, these are Geebung State School & Zillmere State School both of these schools are not enrollment managed so you can apply to attend either of them after completing your research. 

For High School catchments, Geebung is also split into two catchment zones, one being Wavell Heights State High School and the other is Aspley State High School. Wavell heights State High is a very desirable school and this one is enrollment managed whilst Aspley high is not enrollment managed. 

When it comes to education, it is hard for us to tell you what the best school is in this Geebung Guide and this is because everyone’s preference is different when it comes to education. Click HERE to search the school catchments on a particular property address. 


Geebung Buyers AgentAmenities & Green Space:

Geebung is located very conveniently to a number of locations on the Northside, because of its central location, travelling to other locations has become quite easy.

Geebung has an array of cafes and parks, Marchant Park & Bowden Park are very popular spots for locals to enjoy the green space. Geebung has the Indian Motorcycle Museum of Australia and when you venture just outside the suburb you can find yourself at Virginia gold Club, Westfield Shopping centre and Fresh food markets.

Because of the close proximity to Sandgate Road and the Aspley homemaker centre you will find it very convenient to find retail shops for whatever you may need there is even a huge Christmas warehouse for the festive season.


Brisbane cityEmployment Hubs:


Geebung is located a short drve or walk to Westfield Shopping Precinct Chermside and with Chermside rapidy changing to more of a higher density hub there has been heaps more commercial spaces for businesses to get into the area. Chermside also has St Vincents Private Hospital Northside. 

Geebung is also close proximity to Virginia industrial area which is home to an array of business. some residence still commute the CBD for work and can do so easily by using the transport network.  


Typical Block Size & Property Type:


Geebung in significantly dominated by post war homes, these are mostly cottage style older homes or modern brick and tile residences. The block size is generally around the 600sqm with some larger block sized that are able to be subdivided into smaller 40sqm lots. The 800sqm blocks are highly desirable for investors and developers as they are quite scarce due to the tightly held location. 



Geebung Buyers AgentDemographics:

Geebung is an area with a higher than average level of wealth.  The weekly family income is at $1,959 (Qld avg. $1,661).  According to SQM research, the percentage of owner-occupiers is at 66.39% and 33.61% for renters.  What you want to see is a superior percentage of owner occupiers in any particular suburb compared to renters.  This shows the desirability of a suburb for owner occupiers which will help to drive capital growth due to desirability for the suburb over time.

Geebung is the next suburb out from Wavell Heights, As Wavell Heights gets closer and closer to the million dollar mark Geebung is becoming more popular due to its affordability. 


Geebung Buyers AgentMost Desirable Area:

Geebing is generally all round a desirable suburb. The best pockets are the locations that have high elevation and green leafy surrounds, these are streets like Pomeroy, Sunfields & Maberley! these streets also have some good size blocks of m=land which make them desirable for families. 


Least Desirable Area:

It is difficult to pinpoint the lease desirable pockets within Geebung, We would have to say staying away from main roads and train line noise would be our main recommendation. Because there is also two creeks within Geebung is is also important to check flooding and avoid properties that are in the flood zone. 


Median Price Values:

Median Price values in Geebung are $585,000 with the upper quartile price at $662,500 and the lower quartile price sitting at $530,000.


Geebung Buyers AgentSuburb Growth:

The capital growth rate for Geebung over the last 5 years has been 24.8%.

I hope the information in this Geebung Buyers Guide has been helpful on your quest to buy your next property in this location. If you need further help from and Geebung Buyers Agent to secure a property in this location we can help!  Please reach out by booking a discovery call through the link below. To read other posts like this Geebung Buyers Guide click HERE.