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Have you ever wondered what strategy will deliver the best financial outcome for you when you buy an investment property in Brisbane? Well here I am going to tell all … with some hints and tips that will deliver the results that you are after.

When we invest in property, we always have a goal in mind. Some people invest for a yield, or an income, whilst other people invest for the benefits that long-term capital growth can deliver.

The strategy that suits you, may not be the same strategy that suits others, so it is important to understand WHY you are investing in property from the outset.

If you have a specific exit point in mind, say for example 10 or 15 years, and your goal is to maximise the capital growth of your investment, then we have uncovered a capital growth strategy that will outperform many others when you buy an investment property in Brisbane. It involves a combined knowledge of property investment and property development and it capitalises on the emerging opportunities in certain pockets around Brisbane. If this interests you … read on.

If you are looking to buy an investment property in Brisbane, you need to consider areas where the population is growing fast, where infrastructure is emerging and where employment opportunities will provide for local economic stability. This ensures that the opportunity for long term capital growth is more certain.

But what if there was a way to manufacture even more growth … would this be something that interests you?

Well let me share some secrets. There are ways to lock in this type of opportunity for yourself. But it must combine looking at a property for what it is worth today, along with assessing the future potential value of a property to the next buyer. And this is where it is important to have a good understanding of the types of properties developers will buy in the future, based on the potential of the land itself, and considering that the property will not always be used as a single dwelling house on its own block.

Now I’m NOT talking about speculation. This is where you buy property on the basis that something “might” happen in the future. This is like gambling and I DO NOT recommend this strategy at all. What I DO recommend is understanding the CURRENT council land zoning and town planning requirements for a property so that the future intent of the area can be understood.

When you buy an investment property in Brisbane, and it is just a standard house on a block of land now, if it is zoned for a density that is a lot greater, then the future intent of that land is for higher density development. This is where the real value in a property investment can be uncovered. This is uncovering the “invisible” parts of a property that most investors would not think to check.

This is a strategy that only sophisticated investors are using.

At Streamline Property Buyers we have termed this “Strategic Property Investing” and many of our Clients are taking advantage of this type of opportunity right now. It requires very specific knowledge of council planning regulations as well as a thorough understanding of basic property investing indicators such as rental yields, vacancy rates, days on market and long-term capital growth.

Think about this strategy when you are looking to buy an investment property in Brisbane, and if you don’t have the skills to find these opportunities yourself, then get in contact with us today. We will find the opportunities for you.

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