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It is time for another Brisbane Property Market Update and this month we dive into the data again, looking at price growth trends over the last 3 months, during the worst of Covid-19.

We also look at relationships within the data, to interpret why we might be seeing certain trends play out.

Being out and about during the week and every weekend ensures we are capturing the latest “on-the-ground” trends, and in this episode we provide specific examples of what we have been seeing over the last few weeks.  We also discuss who are the most active buyers are in the Brisbane market right now.

Finally we look at the rental market in Brisbane, what is happening to vacancy rates and which areas are still “at risk.”  We also look at forward indicators to help us predict which direction rent prices are heading in and around Brisbane.

This is another data packed episode … so keep a notepad handy so you can record all of the good stuff!

Learn more about your hosts, Scott & Melinda Jennison, at www.streamlineproperty.com.au