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In this episode of the Brisbane Property Podcast, it’s question and answer time!  

This week we talk through some of the questions that have been sent through from our listeners. We cover a lot in this episode, including:

  • Have Brisbane City Council updated the flood mapping since the recent flood event in February 2022?
  • Is the unimproved land value the same as the market land value? 
  • A property I am looking at sold in the middle of 2021 for $300K less than the asking price in June 2022. Has the market really moved that much?
  • My house is now in a noise overlay for trains but never was previously. Have these maps been updated?
  • Should I be concerned about the Brisbane market crashing?
  • I am looking to buy an investment, but should I wait and see if people will sell due to the Land Tax changes?

We hope that you enjoy this cracker episode. If you would like to send your questions through to our team, please email info@streamlineproperty.com.au

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