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Welcome to the Brisbane Property Podcast with your hosts, Melinda and Scott Jennison. In this episode, we bring you the latest Brisbane Market Update for May 2023, packed with valuable insights and analysis.

Amidst low listing volumes and strong demand, Brisbane has experienced its second consecutive month of price gains across the city. Melinda and Scott break down the data to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the current market conditions.

They discuss the performance of units versus houses, highlighting that units continue to outperform houses in terms of price growth. Additionally, they delve into the rental market, revealing that rents are still on the rise. However, the growth in rent prices is stronger for units compared to houses.

If you’re a property investor, homeowner, or simply interested in the Brisbane property market, this episode is a must-listen. Melinda and Scott’s in-depth analysis and expert insights will help you navigate the evolving market landscape and make informed decisions.

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