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Buying property in Queensland is a different contractual process to other states around Australia.  Our Guest, Katie Richards, is CEO and Founder of Virtual Legal, a law firm that manages legal transactions online for people buying and selling businesses, franchises or property.  She knows her stuff when it comes to helping property buyers with contracts in Queensland!

In this Episode, we unpack all of the things that buyers can get wrong when it comes time to entering a contract for the purchase of a property here in Brisbane.  We discuss when it is a good idea to have a contract reviewed and what special conditions can be included in a contract to improve a buyers’ protection under the contract.

Katie shares some of the biggest mistakes she sees property buyers making when entering into a contract to purchase a property.  She also reveals some of the most important searches property buyers should undertake and explains some of the consequences of not complying with specific terms in a contract of sale.

There is so much value packed into this episode and we thank Katie for sharing her brilliant insights.  

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You can also get in contact with Katie Richards or her team at https://www.virtuallegal.com.au/ or call 1300 550 150