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Join us for another episode of the Brisbane Property Podcast, where hosts Melinda and Scott Jennison delve into the world of rental affordability with our guest, Kent Lardner from Suburb Trends.

Kent Lardner, a prominent figure in the real estate data sphere, has recently released groundbreaking research shedding light on rental affordability issues across Australia. In this episode, he shares his insights and findings, focusing specifically on the Brisbane rental market.

Together, we explore the most and least affordable areas for tenants in Brisbane, identifying the factors that impact rental affordability in our beautiful city. Kent’s data-driven analysis paints a vivid picture of the challenges and opportunities for renters in various neighbourhoods.

To supplement this discussion, we’ve provided detailed graphs that visually illustrate the key points discussed during the podcast. Check them out here:

Whether you’re a renter, property investor, or simply interested in the real estate landscape of Brisbane, this episode is a must-listen. Gain valuable insights, discover trends, and make informed decisions about rental properties in the vibrant Brisbane market.

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