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Join your hosts Melinda and Scott Jennison, as they uncover the suburbs within Greater Brisbane where securing a property is currently very difficult, contrasting with areas where buyers find themselves spoiled for choice.

Drawing on extensive data analysis, Melinda and Scott pinpoint the suburbs experiencing a significant scarcity of available properties compared to the 12-month average. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer, understanding these supply constraints is paramount in navigating Brisbane’s competitive market.

Conversely, they shine a light on suburbs where buyers have ample options, a stark contrast to previous months. What factors contribute to this fluctuation in supply, and what implications does it hold for prospective property buyers?

Tune in to gain invaluable insights into Brisbane’s property landscape, deciphering the trends that shape your buying journey. Whether you’re eyeing a home in a sought-after locale or seeking opportunities in emerging areas, Melinda and Scott provide the analysis you need to make informed decisions in Brisbane’s dynamic real estate market.


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