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Join us for a special episode of the Brisbane Property Podcast, featuring the Brisbane Property Panel discussing “Brisbane Investments: Balancing Risk and Opportunity”.

Our guest speakers include Antonia Mercorella, CEO of REIQ (Real Estate Institute of Queensland), and Nicola McDougall, Chair of PIPA (Property Investment Professionals Australia), along with Brisbane Property Podcast hosts Scott and Melinda Jennison. Melinda appears in her role as President of REBAA (Real Estate Buyers Association of Australia).

The panel dives into the current Brisbane property landscape, addressing the challenges and opportunities that investors encounter amid shifting trends and policies.

Listen in to gain insights into the impact of investor exits on housing shortages, implications for investors and tenants, and the future outlook for Brisbane’s property market. Additionally, the panel explores current stock levels, government policies, and effective strategies for navigating market fluctuations.

Don’t miss out on this episode, featuring an expert panel offering valuable perspectives on the Brisbane property market.

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