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Ready to dive into the nitty-gritty of property valuation in Brisbane? Join hosts Melinda and Scott Jennison in the latest episode of the Brisbane Property Podcast as they unveil insights from their team’s in-house research on Automatic Valuation Reports (AVMs).

In this episode, Melinda and Scott discuss the accuracy of AVMs in evaluating property values, based on their team’s analysis of real-life case studies. They delve into a selection of properties from the in-house commissioned study, revealing statistics on how many properties sold within the projected range of AVMs compared to those that didn’t. The discussion goes deeper into understanding the reasons behind the significant differences found in these valuation tools. From market fluctuations to property uniqueness, they explore the various factors influencing AVM accuracy and their implications for property investors and homeowners.

Whether you’re an experienced investor, a potential buyer, or simply curious about property valuation complexities, this episode offers valuable insights and revelations. Hit play now and gain the knowledge to navigate the Brisbane property market with confidence!

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