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The way we live in Brisbane, and the style of our properties, is quite different to other areas around Australia.  We get it … Brisbane is Hot and Humid … so how does this impact what features are most desirable for a Tenant?

This Episode is for Property Investors who are considering purchasing an Investment Property or who already own an Investment Property in Brisbane. 

We welcome our very special guest, Teliah Furner, who is a Buyer’s Agent with Streamline Property Buyers, but who also has years of Property Management experience here in Brisbane.  Teliah shares some great tips on how you can ensure the features in your Investment Property appeal to the largest potential Tenant market.

You may wonder why we need to take a deep dive into this.  Isn’t Property Investing all about the location and not the property itself?

Well the answer is simple!  When you own an Investment Property in an Investment Grade location, that also has the most desirable features, your property is more likely to attract a quality tenant who will stay longer … and this means better security of income for you as an Investor!

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