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Brisbane is a River City, and many parts of our City can be significantly impacted by flood waters. 

In this episode, we unpack the different types of flooding that can impact Brisbane properties.  We also discuss, in detail, how to perform the necessary due diligence checks before you buy, to determine what the potential flood risk associated with a property might be.

As long term Brisbane residents, we also help listeners to understand the devastation that river flooding can cause through real stories from when we joined the “mud army” after Brisbane’s most recent 2011 river flood event.

And finally, we talk about what you need to look for in a property, that may have previously been inundated by flood waters, to ensure you are not buying a problem that you do not know exists.

This is such an important and unique aspect of Brisbane Property that we decided to dedicate an entire episode to this topic.  We are confident you will find some value.

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