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In this episode, we welcome our special guest, Alex Steffan, from Steffan Town Planning in East Brisbane.  Together with Alex, we discuss the role of a Town Planner, why City Plans exist and how they are used to shape the development of a City.

We take a deep dive into what types of properties in Brisbane require professional input from a Town Planner – even if you are just looking to renovate and Alex shares some tips with buyers as to what types of improvement works can be done to a property in Brisbane without a development approval from council. 

We also explain the difference between a “Splitter Block” and a “1 into 2” subdivision site and Alex identifies the biggest blunder he sees buyers making when purchasing properties in Brisbane.   

For anyone considering renovating or developing in Brisbane, this episode should not be missed.

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You can also get in contact with Alex Steffan at https://www.steffantp.com.au/