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We get a lot of enquiry from property buyers wanting to understand what they can afford to buy in Brisbane, so we decided to create an episode on property prices around the city.  We have focussed on the Brisbane City Council region and have selected 15 Brisbane suburbs that sit along the train network lines.

In this episode we will share the median price changes in these suburbs over the last 3 months to help you understand property values a little more, and also to highlight the changes that have occurred in property values in recent months.

There is a big disclaimer at the start of this episode, because we are reporting on median values, and we highlight the importance of understanding how a median value is determined and how compositional bias and low sales volumes can impact this data. This is critical for all listeners to understand.  We never recommend making purchasing decisions off changes in median data trends alone.

We hope this episode adds some value to those looking to understand more about property values in the Brisbane City council region and the recent price growth changes that have occurred over the last 3 months in these locations.

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