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Welcome to another episode of the Brisbane Property Podcast with your hosts, Scott and Melinda Jennison from Streamline Property Buyers.

In this episode, we unpack the most common mistakes property investors make, not just in Brisbane but across Australia.  Melinda and Scott provide you with the knowledge and strategies to avoid these pitfalls and make smarter choices when selecting A-grade assets.

We discuss the importance of setting clear investment goals, the necessity of having a well-defined strategy, and the risks of investing solely for tax benefits or in your local area. We also highlight the dangers of emotional decision-making, the need for thorough research, and the value of working with qualified professionals. 

Top Takeaways:

  • Plan and Set Goals: Understand your investment objectives and plan accordingly.
  • Avoid Emotional Decisions: Focus on facts and figures, not personal preferences.
  • Build the Right Team: Work with qualified professionals to guide your investment journey.


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