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Are you looking to purchase a home or investment property in the sought after suburb of Wavell Heights? We as Wavell Heights Buyers Agents have made it easy for you by compiling everything we know into this Wavell Heights Buyers Guide. This Article contains information about everything we know and what is important to know when choosing a place to live or to invest in.


Wavell Heights



Wavell Heights is located approximately 10.5km from the Brisbane CBD towards the North. The area is vibrant and family friendly. Wavell Heights is located near the Kedron Brook for access to green space, bike and walking tracks. The neighbourhood is hilly & elevated with many streets achieving city views. In 1941 the Brisbane City Council requested that the area commonly known as West Nundah be recognised as Wavell Heights. It is named after Field Marshal Lord Wavell who was the Commander-In-Chief of the Allied Forces in the Middle East during the Second World War.

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Wavell Heights does not have a lot of options for public transport, the area does rely on buses to get to and from the CBD. If you live close enough to the East side of Wavell Heights you may be able to walk to the train lines that service through Nundah, Northgate and Virginia.

Brisbane is preparing for the future and near Wavell Heights there will be and extension made to the current designated bus way that currently stops at Gordon Park. The designated bus way will be delivered in stages for total completion by 2026. the Bus way will travel along Gympie road in Kedron through to Chermside and then on to Bracken Ridge. A designated bus way is a transport corridor that only carries buses. This means the buses that use this bus way will not be impacted by car traffic as it won’t rely on main roads.

As our roads become more congested with cars over time living near these designated transport corridors will be very convenient. Now, this bus way is not in Wavell Heights either but will give opportunity for all those living on the west side of Wavell Heights access to traffic free transport. To view the current public transport options visit the Translink site HERE.

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Wavell Heights State School opened in 1948 following a post war expansion in Brisbane’s northern suburbs. The state school covers most of Wavell Heights as it is centrally located in the suburb however when you live on the edge of the suburb you may fall into the catchments surrounding Wavell Heights, this may include, Kedron State School, Nundah State School, Virginia State School & Geebung State school. All are enrollment managed except for Geebung state School. 

For high School catchments, Wavell Heights State high School covers all living within the suburb. This is an enrollment managed school. When it comes to education, it is hard for us to tell you what the best school is in the Wavell Heights Buyers Guide and this is because everyone’s preference if different when it comes to education. Click HERE to search the school catchments on a particular property address. 


Wavell Heights Buyers AgentAmenities & Green Space:

Wavell Heights is a suburb that is mostly residential housing so it is necessary to travel to the surrounding suburbs for activities. Wavell Heights has the Kedron brook running along the south end which provides green space, a creek, walking track, bike tracks, playground and dog parks. Wavell Heights also has a lot of small corner cafes that are spread throughout the suburb for ease of access when going for a morning walk. Shaw park is popular for weekend sports and Kalinga park is a great place for a kids birthday party

A short drive to Chermside shopping center for a Westfield shopping experience, event cinemas, bowling, indoor skydiving, restaurant precinct and more. 


Wavell Heights Buyers AgentEmployment Hubs:


Wavell Heights is conveniently located near the entrance to Brisbane tunnels and bypass, The tunnels & bypass can take you down to the south, out west, to the Airport and the CBD making Wavell heights a location that can easily access many different areas and employment hubs quite easily. There is also the Chermside hub which is growing rapidly in business, residential and leisure just a short drive or walk away. 


Typical Block Size & Property Type:


Wavell Heights typically has post war homes, in fact It is one of the closest suburb to the CBD that is majority no character protection or pre war homes. The typical type of property you will see is the post war cottages surrounding the whole suburb with some grand mixed in Queenslander style properties and some brand new modern builds. The post war cottages are small, usually 2 to 3 bedrooms unless they have been extended, they carry small amounts of character and can be removed from the site to make way for a brand new property. 

Typical block sizes in Wavell Heights are 600sqm or larger, there are also a large number of 800sqm blocks as well.  Most of the 800sqm blocks are being rapidly snapped up by developers who split them and build two executive new builds on the site turning them into 400sqm blocks of land.


Wavell Heights Buyers AgentDemographics:

Wavell Heights is an area with a higher than average level of wealth.  The weekly family income is at $2,310 (Qld avg. $1,661).  According to SQM research, the percentage of owner-occupiers is at 53.33% and 46.67% for renters.  What you want to see is a superior percentage of owner occupiers in any particular suburb compared to renters.  This shows the desirability of a suburb for owner occupiers which will help to drive capital growth due to desirability for the suburb over time.

Wavell Heights is on the rise in terms of house prices. It is the next suburb out from Kedron, Wooloowin, & Nundah. In Kedron, Wooloowin and Nundah houses are very high in price and Wavell Heights, at this stage is still more affordable for families looking for that lifestyle but the larger family home. Because of the affordability, the area is rapidly gentrifying and prices are rising due to the demand.


Wavell Heights Buyers AgentMost Desirable Area:

Wavell Heights is generally a desirable suburb.  The best pockets are the locations that have high elevation away from the main roads (Rode Road & Hamilton Road).  the pockets in the south closer to the CBD are most desirable as there are a number of locations in this pocket that achieve city views, you are close walk to parks and the Kedron brook and many families are building their dream homes in this location and rapidly gentrifying the area. 


Least Desirable Area:

The least desirable areas in Wavell heights are near the main roads. There are quite a few main roads in Wavell Heights due to it being a central suburb and many commuters traveling across suburbs will find themselves going through this location. Some of the least desirable roads are Rode Road (although this road has incredible city views), Hamilton Road, Spence Road, Pfingst Road, Main Avenue, Blisen Road, Shaw Road and Edinburgh Castle Road. 

Also, the further you move towards Geebung the less gentrified the area gets however this does not make it less desirable it just holds older properties that aren’t brand new. Fantastic for renovators or people looking to land bank. 

Wavell Heights Buyers Agent

Median Price Values:

Median Price values in Wavell Heights are $750,000 with the upper quartile price at $895,000 and the lower quartile price sitting at $640,000.


Wavell Heights Buyers AgentSuburb Growth:

The capital growth rate for Wavell Heights over the last 5 years has been 19.8%.

I hope the information in this Wavell Heights Buyers Guide has been helpful on your quest to buy your next property in this location. If you need further help from and Wavell Heights Buyers Agent to secure a property in this location we can help!  Please reach out by booking a discovery call through the link below. To read other posts like this Wavell Heights Buyers Guide click HERE.


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