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Local knowledge every step of the way

We know the Brisbane property market. In fact, we are the local buyers agents Brisbane trusts.

And as a buyer’s agency, we don’t sell property. We never represent sellers. Instead, we work for buyers 100% of the time. And as a boutique Brisbane buyers agent, you can be sure you’re getting our personalised, exclusive service whether you’re buying a family home or a profitable investment.

Our team of Brisbane buyers agents ensure the process is ‘streamlined’ and stress free for you. We not only advise you on location and property opportunities (off-market too!), but also assist with other services.  These include negotiation, contract completion, liaising with the conveyancer, bank and mortgage broker and even arranging on-site inspections. All to get you into your perfect property as quickly and easily as possible.

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Our award-winning buyers agent Brisbane team offers a premium service tailored entirely to your needs.

Proud members of Real Estate Buyers Agent Association of Australia (REBAA) and Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA)

REIQ Buyers Agent of the Year 2022 and 2023

REIQ Buyers Agency of the Year 2023

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Your investment advantage

At Streamline Property Buyers, we’re not just the buyers agents Brisbane trusts—we’re also qualified property investment advisors. That means we don’t just know property… we also know property investing.

Our boutique, award-winning buyers agent Brisbane team can find properties to deliver on your capital growth or rental yield goals. And we’re determined to help you secure the right property for your needs.

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Your new home awaits

Our buyers agent Brisbane team will help you find the perfect place to call home with suburb recommendations, off-market options, inspections, auction bidding… and everything in between.

With Streamline Property Buyers you get the purchasing power and professional knowledge of our award-winning buyers agent Brisbane team. You can be confident you’re getting the best advice at all times.


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What’s happening in Brisbane

The dynamics of the Brisbane property market are ever-evolving, presenting a unique landscape that demands constant attention. To empower you with the insights necessary for optimal property decisions, our dedicated Brisbane buyers agent team has curated the Brisbane Property Podcast—a weekly deep dive into the intricacies of the Brisbane real estate scene.

Unlock a wealth of knowledge as our experts dissect the current trends, unique features, and critical factors influencing the Brisbane property market. Tailored specifically to Brisbane, our podcast equips you with the information needed to make informed decisions, ensuring that every property purchase in Brisbane is a step towards your desired outcome.

Stay informed with our weekly episodes, where we share valuable insights into the subtleties of the local market. This empowers you to navigate the ever-changing landscape of Brisbane real estate with confidence. Rely on our buyers agent Brisbane team to guide you in making the best decisions for your property endeavors in this dynamic and distinctive market.


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You can also read our Streamline Property Buyers Reviews to find out more about our clients’ experience with our team

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FAQs our buyers agents in Brisbane often answer…


If your question is not below, CONTACT our team of Brisbane buyers agents and we will be in touch to schedule a call together.

What is a Buyers Agent?

As dedicated Buyers Agents in Brisbane, our exclusive focus is on representing the property buyer in real estate transactions. Whether you are a prospective home buyer or an investor, our role is to guide you through every essential step of the process. This encompasses tasks such as conducting property searches and inspections on your behalf, offering comprehensive property due diligence services, engaging in negotiations or participating in auctions, liaising with your conveyancer, managing the coordination of building and pest inspections, and conducting pre-settlement inspections on your behalf.

For investors, we go a step further by facilitating a seamless handover to a property manager, ensuring that the entire process remains streamlined and stress-free.  We are the team of buyers agents Brisbane trusts.

For further information on this topic, you might be interested in our blog, What is a Buyers Agent?” 

What distinguishes a Brisbane buyer's agent from a real estate agent (or buyer's agent vs selling agent)?

Buyer’s agent vs real estate agent? Or buyer’s agent vs selling agent? Initially, it’s essential to note that the terms ‘real estate agent’ and ‘selling agent’ are often used interchangeably, but both differ from a buyer’s agent.

The primary distinction lies in the fact that, as Buyers Agents in Brisbane, our exclusive commitment is to you as the buyer. Our role revolves around assisting you in purchasing a property with minimal stress and concern, securing it at the best possible price. Conversely, the real estate agent (or selling agent) operates on behalf of the seller, dedicated to facilitating the sale of the property at the optimum price.

More information about the difference between a buyers agent and a selling agent can be found in our blog, Many people fail to recognise the difference between a buyers agent and a sellers agent.

Is it permissible for an agent to represent both the buyer and seller?

No, it is not legally allowed in Australia for an agent to act on behalf of both parties in a real estate transaction. Agents are mandated to represent either the buyer or the seller exclusively. Rest assured that as Brisbane Buyers Agents, our commitment is solely to you—the property buyer.

I'm a property investor, whether new or seasoned. I'm uncertain about the optimal path forward and require guidance regarding the type of property that aligns with my individual circumstances. Can you assist me?

Certainly! As Buyers Agents in Brisbane, our comprehensive service package encompasses a personalized session with one of our Qualified Property Investment Advisors. This ensures that you receive investment advice tailored specifically to your needs, guaranteeing the most favorable long-term investment outcomes. This session is a standard inclusion for all investor clients opting to collaborate with our team of Brisbane buyers agents.

For more information to get you started on your property investment journey, you may also be interested in some of our FREE Property Investment resources. We hope you find these valuable!


I plan to undertake renovations or add value to the property I intend to purchase. Can you assist me in this regard?

Absolutely! Our Licensed Builder is equipped to furnish you with cost estimates for renovation and refurbishment works prior to your purchase. This ensures that you have a comprehensive understanding of all associated costs related to your strategy, along with any other viable options. We are a team of exclusive Buyers Agents Brisbane trusts, and by providing this high level of service offering, it sets us apart from our competitors.

We have a FREE resource about manufacturing equity in your property that may interest you too.

What is the minimum amount required to engage your services for property acquisition?

Our Buyers Agents in Brisbane boast robust relationships with agents. However, it’s essential to note that our agent networks are concentrated within the Brisbane City Council region. Currently, the minimum property value for securing our assistance in locating and purchasing a standalone house is approximately $850,000. For budgets below this threshold, alternatives such as townhouses or units may be considered when partnering with our Brisbane buyers agents.

To learn about current property prices in Brisbane, you can access our monthly Brisbane Market Updates at any time.

I haven't secured financing yet. Is it premature to reach out?

Not at all. Typically, there’s substantial groundwork before we initiate the search on your behalf.  Our 7 Steps to the buying process resource will help you understand how to prepare best for your purchase.

Your financial pre-approval can progress concurrently with our Brisbane Buyers Agents managing your onboarding process.

Furthermore, if you haven’t already engaged with a mortgage broker, we can connect you with one who is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and has your best interests at heart.

What is the typical duration of property searches?

Answering the question of how long property searches take is challenging because the timeframe varies when collaborating with our Buyers Agents in Brisbane.

The duration hinges on the agreed property brief and the availability of properties, both on and off the market, at any given time. While we’ve assisted clients in as little as two weeks (though this is not very common), there are instances where the search extends to three or four months. In general, most clients can secure a property within six to eight weeks from the commencement of the search.

Why enlist a Buyers Agent in Brisbane when I can handle the property purchase myself?

It’s a valid question, and we’re delighted to provide an explanation. The most significant challenge we observe is that many buyers are unaware of what they might not know. Our rigorous due diligence process is designed to eliminate any hidden surprises that may emerge after your purchase.

As Buyers Agents in Brisbane, our role extends beyond mere transaction facilitation. We not only save you time but also grant access to properties that may otherwise be unavailable to you, including off-market or pre-market properties. Our aim is to ensure a buying process that is entirely stress-free.

Opting for professional representation serves as a safeguard against overpayment and ensures that your property buying decisions remain rational, unaffected by emotions.

If you are unsure, we recommending discussing your needs with a Buyers Agent first.  Here are some questions to ask when you are making your enquiries.  We hope this helps to direct you on the right path.

How do you distinguish yourselves from other Buyers Agents in Brisbane?

We stand out as a boutique firm exclusively focused on the Brisbane property market, offering a bespoke premium service for our clients. Beyond being traditional buyers agents, our team possesses a diverse skill set. This includes a Qualified Property Investment Advisor, a licensed builder, and a property management expert. This multifaceted expertise enables us to analyze properties from various perspectives. Moreover, we operate as a collaborative team, providing you with access to the entire team throughout the entire process.

How does your Buyers Agent Brisbane team earn their compensation? Do you receive referral fees for recommending us to other service providers?

Our remuneration is solely derived from the fees for the services we provide, and we’ll discuss these with you before commencing any work. Importantly, we do not accept any referral fees or kickbacks from external parties.

In fact, we staunchly reject the notion of receiving undisclosed commissions, kickbacks, or referral fees. We only make introductions when we genuinely believe that you stand to benefit from the services of the other party.

Any entity we recommend has a proven track record of delivering professional services that align with your needs. They are committed to providing a premium, personalized service that complements our own business model.

You can investigate our questions to ask a buyers agent to determine how independent others might be or you can choose to partner with a REBAA accredited buyers agent, which will guarantee their independence.

Do you present a curated list of properties for our consideration and selection?

No, our approach with our team of Buyers Agents in Brisbane is dynamic and in real-time. This means that we continuously assess all properties, both on and off the market, aligning with your criteria as they emerge. If a property doesn’t meet your requirements, we eliminate it from consideration, accompanied by an explanation to enhance your understanding of our selection process.

When a property fitting your criteria becomes available, we conduct thorough due diligence and inspect the property on your behalf. Subsequently, we provide you with the details. Only if you express the desire to proceed do we furnish a comprehensive comparative market analysis and engage in negotiations with the sales agent on your behalf.

When there are more options available, you may be presented with several properties at once for you to consider.  This is a scenario that is more likely for home buyers rather than investors, as we have developed a ranking system for qualifying properties for investment purposes.  This means there will always be one that ranks better than others if we have more than one to consider at any particular time during the search.

Does your team of Brisbane buyers agents inspect each property on our behalf?

Certainly! It’s imperative for us to conduct thorough inspections to comprehend the building structure, layout, and other aspects that are best observed through a physical visit. Following our inspections, we communicate ample information through our channels to provide you with a genuine feel for the property.

How much does it cost to partner with a Buyers Agent in Brisbane?

When considering the cost of a buyer’s agent in Brisbane, it’s crucial to assess the specific services you need. For standalone services such as auction bidding, fees are payable upfront, and can start from less than $1,000, depending on the service required.  Our comprehensive Brisbane buyer’s agent full search service is much more comprehensive and involves up to 6 months of us representing you.  This service is quoted depending on your requirements and involves two payments. This consists of an initial Engagement Fee of $2,500 + GST and a Success Fee, due once the property purchase becomes unconditional. To learn more about our buyer’s agent costs, feel free to contact us.

In the meantime, you might be interested in more information about fees and you can find this in our blog, What does a Buyers Agent cost?

How can I be assured that you are working in my best interests?

We hold membership with the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Association of Australia (REBAA) and the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA), necessitating adherence to a Professional Code of Conduct as a condition of our affiliation with these organizations.

Furthermore, being a fully licensed real estate agency, we maintain comprehensive professional indemnity insurance. However, the cornerstone of our business’s enduring success lies in our integrity, given our status as a small business.

For additional reassurance, you can explore feedback from our past clients through our Streamline Property Buyers Reviews. Our professional reputation within the industry is a source of pride for us.